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Founded in 2005, the Don Bosco Central School is a venture by the Salesians of Don Bosco. Don Bosco Institutions run by the Salesians of Don bosco, are home to 12 lakh students in about 2400 institutions in 132 countries across the five continents of the globe. In the understanding of Don Bosco any Don Bosco house has 4 dimensions. It is a school where one learns, it is a home where one feels secure, it is a playground where one can relax with others and it is a church where one can find meaning in life. Like thousands of Don Bosco institutions in 132 countries we are following his educational system noted for its congenial, friendly, and holistic approach. Today the school is a second home to 1300 students, 50 teaching and administrative staff. The class rooms are equipped with digital/smart boards. Those who have commitment , the ability and motivation can expect rewards-exhilarating intellectual satisfaction, fulfillment and joy. Value education based on psycho-spiritual integration is imparted in this temple of learning.